GEODE presents its parapharmacy products.


Anti-lice shampoo

Formula enhanced with several natural active ingredients: Neem oil, D-Limonene and soy extracts.

The formula also combines conditioning agents and proteins to make the hair shine and give it volume.

Lice Lotion Spray

Formula reinforced by identical assets to shampoo.

The solution is used directly on the hair and can also treat the environment: bedding, pillowcase, hat, scarf, clothes, toys, chairs…

Lotion off nits

Easily loosen the nits from the hair, thanks to the acidic pH, which dissolves the glue that binds the nits to the hair.

Lentex Silicone Spray

This anti lice lotion spray is active against lice and nits.
The spray enables an easy application and a full covarge of hair and scalp for a perfect efficiency.
The product contains dimethicone.
This substance does not have a chemical action.
It has a physical impact as it covers the lice and smothers them.


Natural anti-lice shampoo based on a synergy of essential oils, neem oil, soy proteins.

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