GEODE is a family company with over 20 years of experience in the manufacturing of care items, hygiene products and antiparasitic products for domestic pets.

Founded by Mr. Oliver Heine, following the bankruptcy of the company LABO PHARMANOVA (Nivelles, Belgium) in 1995, where he was working at that time as Office Manager, the company aims at offering qualitative and original products that respond to market requirements.

Since then, based on a sound business plan, the activity of the company has continued to grow from the manufacturing of antiparasitic Products for horses, dogs and cats to household insecticides, without forgetting the production of insecticide for livestock buildings, deodorizing products, etc. The particularity of geode products is their high efficacy (over 99%) with zero toxicity to target animals and environment and their remarkably long lasting effect.

Nowadays, the general trend of the markets as well as acts of consumers' purchases are more and more focused on natural products that meet the health and welfare of human, animals and the environment. This is why, in 2004, the company has developed a new range of natural products, named Bio Canitex, which is based on the synergy of Neem oil and essential oils to fight against ectoparasites of pets and horses. This new range of products comprises collars, shampoo, pipettes Spot On, lotions and powders. Olivier HEINE confirms, based on the efficacy and stability tests that the company GEODE Chemicals & Laboratories has carried out, that all these natural products are very effective with a very long lasting effect.

Besides this natural products range, GEODE continues to manufacture its traditional patented CANITEX range products based on permethrin and since 2005, it focuses its activities specifically on the formulation and manufacture of anti-fleas, ticks and other biting insects for pets, thanks to the acquisition of LABO PHARMANOVA company. Back to the beginning !

With the changing of EU legislation, in 2010 with regard to the marketing of biocide product, GEODE management department decided to create a regulatory and scientific department by hiring the service of a veterinary doctor. It was then decided to transcribe the "biocide" registration dossiers into veterinary drugs registration dossier. This project aims at obtaining a centralized marketing authorization which will permit to cover all the European countries. The release on the market of the natural products range in pest control has been highly successful. And now, the company works at fashion for several major European groups in Belgium, France, Italy, Portugal, Hungary, Poland, etc. Over the years, GEODE has become a specialist in the formulation and manufacture of antiparasitic and hygiene products for pets in "Private Label". Manufacturing is also adapted to the wishes of customers.

GEODE is recognized in the sector for both the quality of its products and the quality of its service.

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